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Xiaoxian's history and culture have a long history, it is one of the important birthplace of Chinese culture and filial piety culture. Xiaoxian dispute between North and south city Zhu Chao, atmosphere and things two Chu "is min Ziqian Lu Yi Shun mother story occurred, North and south toward the song's founding emperor Liuyu's hometown. Known as the "literature of the state", "cultural county" in the world. Xiaoxian since the Qin and Han Dynasties is through north and south, East and West Economic and cultural exchange, Xiaoxian calligraphy and ancient painting of the Song Dynasty, from thousands of years ago the Liangzhu culture began to appear, the traditional painting and calligraphy stretches to the Ming Dynasty, Qing formed in the late stage of Chinese folk painting, ink freehand brushwork of the Dragon School ", Xu Huai fame. Xiaoxian heavy ink painting, heavy life, heavy emphasis on the unity of personality and poetry, painting.

At the end of the primitive society, Xiao county has a very high cultural and developed economy, there are 60 temple, Jinzhai, caizhuang, Bei Quan, Chengyang and other Neolithic era cultural sites. The Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, Xiaoxian is the intersection area of the Dongyi culture and Central Plains culture, Xia Shang Dynasty six family moved to this building Yi Xiao Guogu, spring and autumn when the complex built Xiao Guo. The Western Han Dynasty, Wei Xian was appointed Prime Minister Yang Hou, the establishment of Fuyang Hou in Xiaoxian. Three, four sub Cao Xiong Cao Cao in Xiaoxian Xiao kingdom. Ming and Qing Xiao county is township of the famous opera, drama, Yugu, pendant, drums, Qinshu and opera, La Hun opera, Flower Drum Opera, acrobatics, drama activity is frequent. Modern, Xiaoxian is the first name of the Ministry of culture, Chinese painting and calligraphy art of the township, the emergence of Liu Kaiqu, Xiao Longshi, Zhu Dequn, Wang Ziyun, Wang Zhaomin and other art masters. Mass art activities flourish, established more than 10 painting and Calligraphy Art Association, formed a huge painting and calligraphy creation team, at or above the provincial level of painting and calligraphy membership of more than 400 people and is adept at Shi Dan up to 4 million of the public.

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Xiaoxian City, painting, alias, ancient Xiao capital, is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui Province at the turn of the four. Xuzhou is received east and south of north of the Huaihe River, West even Yongcheng, Beiyi Weishan Lake, is located in Huaihai Economic Zone, in the central part of Xuzhou Metropolitan Area, is the Yangtze River Delta city group, an important node in the Central Plains Economic Area, is known as Huaihai pearl, is a rapid rise...
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The autumn of 1938, revocation of Tong Xiao County, Tong Zhang, Chu LAN district will return to Xiaoxian, the county a total area of 2834 square kilometers. October 1, 1949, the founding of the people's Republic of China, Xiaoxian for Jiangsu and Henan Province Jiazhi, so inside and outside the province territory change a lot. In January 1950, with government approval, will Zhu Lan Xiao County in the eastern part of the, Zhang, in Taoshan three areas all and northward, Hao Zhai two district meter, townships, 429 administrative villages, 52...
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