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Xiaoxian civilization history of 6000 years, 3100 years of history. The territory of the Neolithic cultural sites in Jinzhai, such as the legacy of the late 60 temple ruins cultural relics. Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty six family moved to this, "cut the Peng warashina, Lihuo and", because the doy Xiao (wormwood), number of the motherland for Shaw, the establishment of Xiao Guo. Xiaoxian is the origin of the surname.

Xiaoxian is the capital of Xia, xiao.

Spring and autumn, and the construction of the country, for Song Fuyong.

The Xiao Yi, Chu, Chu chu.

Qin, Xiaoxian, Surabaya county. This is the beginning of Xiaoxian County, are still in use.
Western Han Dynasty, Han Wang Yuan (206 years ago), Xiaoxian (treatment Xiao Gucheng) belongs to Xiang Yu Chu country west Surabaya County, Emperor five years (202 BC), change is Han Xin Chu Sishui county. Zhu county is set in autumn, Peng Yueliang in Dang county. The origin of three years (71 years ago), Emperor Xuan Feng Prime Minister Wei Xian Fu Yang Hou, help Yang Hou (today Xiaoxian southwest 30 kilometers of the Dai River on the East Coast), Pei county.

Towards the Wang Mangxin, change of Pei County as "my character county", and "my county government", the beam is changed to "Chen Dingjun", Fu Yang Hou is changed for the county, and converted into a "consistent county", shuttle autumn county changed to "give autumn county". The first year of reform (23 years), Liu Xiufeng Xiao wang.

The Eastern Han Dynasty, this county, Xiaoxian county (the county Pei Zhu Qiu), Fuyang county (the county Dang). Jianwu thirteen years (37 years), Fuyang county changed to Han Xin Fu Yang hou.

Three, Wei Xiaoxian (Yuzhou), Zhu Qiu county (a county Pei). Huang two years (221 years), the closure of Cao Xiong Xiao gong. Wo three years (229 years), Xiao Wangguo (modified Xiao Xiao Gucheng).

The Western Jin Dynasty, Xian Xi two years (265 years), Xiaoxian (Sima had closed in the autumn, Zhu C) County, belongs to China, Pei yuzhou.

The Eastern Jin Dynasty, Zhu Qiu county in the Eastern Jin Dynasty after the chaos of waste, located in Xiaoxian County, the county Pei Qiao.

The northern and Southern Dynasties, the Song Dynasty Xiaoxian County, North Xuzhou phase, Pei county. Yong three years (422 years), to the north, Xuzhou. The Northern Dynasties, established the Northern Wei county (city, Xiaoxian Long Town Governance) Pengcheng County, Xuzhou (Xiao Gucheng) of Pei county. The beam is located in Xiaoxian County, Pei, is suizhou. The northern and Eastern Wei Xiaoxian (Xiao Gucheng), Xuzhou Pei county. The change of Xiaoxian County, Northern Qi Cheng, Xuzhou County of Pengcheng. The Northern Dynasties, the Northern Zhou Dynasty set for county (Xiao Gucheng), Dragon (Dragon Town East County governance) in Xuzhou County of Pengcheng.

The Sui Dynasty, set for county (Xiao Gucheng), dragon county (now dragon town), Xuzhou County of Pengcheng. Set two years (583 years) to withdraw from the county, directly under the Xuzhou. Six years, revocation of dragon county, into the county. Eighteen years, the county changed for near Peixian. Two years (606 years), to the Peixian, Xiaoxian, Xuzhou is still a.

Tang, located in Xiaoxian (Xiao Gucheng), is Xuzhou.

Song, the implementation of the road, house, (state, military) county level three system, located in Xiaoxian, Xuzhou, Wuning City, East west. Shaosheng years (1094 ~ 1097), avoid water from the Yellow River suffering from in the South half re build a new city, said the world Nancheng, and relative before Xiao Gucheng called North of the city.

Yuan, for the revocation of Xiaoxian County, YONGGU, incorporated in Xuzhou. To twelve years after the re established Xiaoxian, Xuzhou is the German government.

Ming, Ming Hong Wu four years (1371) in February, are in the middle of the house. Hongwu fourteen years in November, Nanjing (South Zhili) Xuzhou. Wanli five years of Xiaoxian city in the Yellow River on the crevasse. Xiao Gucheng as the political center of Xiaoxian exit the stage of history. Court approval at the edge of the Feng Shan Nan Yang set (this dragon town) found the new town, which continued its east dragon waste old city name, renamed dragon. Therefore, to distinguish between Xiao town, Xiaoxian city is the second great migration, said Xiao Ming city. During the period of Republic of China, has called the Dragon City, long town, Chengguan town. In 1950, renamed dragon town. In 1958, renamed the people's commune. In 1960, the town was renamed shaw. 1980, said the Dragon Town, so far.

Qing Shunzhi, (1644 ~ 1661) is a southern province of Xuzhou. Kangxi six years (1667) for Jiangsu, Anhui Province, province, Xuzhou Province, Jiangsu Province, eleven years (1733), Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Xuzhou Province, province.
The first year of the Republic of China (1912) January, the waste Road, house, Xiaoxian (governance this long town) is a Jiangsu province. In 3 years of the Republic of China, Jiangsu Province, Xu Haidao. Waste Road, Xiaoxian, Jiangsu province. The morning of June 2, the 16th year of the Republic of China, the National Revolutionary Army third road frontline commander in chief Wang Tianpei Department occupied Xuzhou, by Xiao city into the Nanjing national government control region in Jiangsu Province.

1932 (21 years) in October 10th, Xiaoxian Province, Copper Mt. Province, Jiangsu Province, also known as the ninth area, the Commissioner in Copper Mt., Xuzhou city. May 18, 1938, the fall of the city of, the collapse of the government of Xiaoxian, the government of Xiaoxian for the Anti Japanese Democratic government. 1940 3 ~ May, the Kuomintang government in exile in Xiaoxian in the seven area of the wind mouth area. In May 14th, in the town of yellow (today's management of porridge set Village), said the "North government", according to Xiao Xi area. November 25, 1944, the stubborn pseudo confluence, in Lin Zhen Huang and the nearby friendly village, victory village, Lu Zhuang Xiao copper abundant four county defense government formation, and the four villages into temporary exile County resident. In July 18, 1946, the Kuomintang troops occupied the city of xiao. 24, the Xiaoxian government from the town to the town of yellow.

In November 13, 1948, people's Liberation Army China Xiao city, throughout the liberation of Xiaoxian, Henan area is third. In October 1949, a northern Suxian area administrative office. February 1953, Xuzhou Province, Jiangsu area. On April 14, 1955, in order to strengthen the management of Hongze Lake, Jiangsu Province, Xiao County, Dangshan Anhui and Sihong, Xuyi county exchange, end the Xiao county from the Han Dynasty to before the founding of the people's Republic of China is under the jurisdiction of the Xuzhou history, Suxian area. 1956 to the Bengbu area. 1959 state

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Xiaoxian City, painting, alias, ancient Xiao capital, is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui Province at the turn of the four. Xuzhou is received east and south of north of the Huaihe River, West even Yongcheng, Beiyi Weishan Lake, is located in Huaihai Economic Zone, in the central part of Xuzhou Metropolitan Area, is the Yangtze River Delta city group, an important node in the Central Plains Economic Area, is known as Huaihai pearl, is a rapid rise...
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The autumn of 1938, revocation of Tong Xiao County, Tong Zhang, Chu LAN district will return to Xiaoxian, the county a total area of 2834 square kilometers. October 1, 1949, the founding of the people's Republic of China, Xiaoxian for Jiangsu and Henan Province Jiazhi, so inside and outside the province territory change a lot. In January 1950, with government approval, will Zhu Lan Xiao County in the eastern part of the, Zhang, in Taoshan three areas all and northward, Hao Zhai two district meter, townships, 429 administrative villages, 52...
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